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Our Story

African Grow n’ Glow is a holistic wellness brand founded in the Fall of 2016 and inspired by our grandmother "Mamie Do Good". We are 100% women and Liberian-owned. We center our communities at the heart of everything that we do. Our company addresses deficiencies in the beauty industry which continues to under-serve people of color. African Grow n’ Glow products are made with all-natural ingredients, we have a zero chemical policy! The key ingredient in many of our products, Raw African Shea Butter, is ethically sourced from our hometown in West Africa.


African Grow n' Glow is empowerment-focused. We want to contribute to not only physical aspects of the beauty industry but also total mind, body and soul glow of our costumers. We're building a community around our brand which centers holistic wellness into daily practices. We believe in giving back, and will continue to source key ingredients from West Africa in order to create economic opportunities for our wholesalers. 


Our ultimate goal is to employ women in West Africa, and help give individuals the confidence and skills needed to take charge of their futures.


We promise to continue delivering products made with love and intention. Thank you for supporting our business and vision!

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