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African Black Soap is one of the rarest soaps you will find. Originating in West Africa, African Black Soap has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for cleansing the skin. This specially formulated blend with Aloe Vera Extract was created for sensitive skin for added moisture.


Our high-quality Liquid African Black Soap is a powerful 3 in 1 cleanser! Liquid African Black Soap can be used as a facial cleanser, body wash, and shampoo! This soap will provide a deep cleanse, help clear acne, and fade dark spots! It is also suitable for the treatment of eczema and psoriasis.


Liquid African Black Soap is a natural source of Vitamins A & E and Iron. The gentle exfoliation will clean pores and rejuvenate your hair and skin leaving you fresh and clean.

lngredients: Shea Butter, Shea Tree Bark Ash, Cocoa Pod Ash, Plantain Ash, Palm Tree Leaves, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Water


For All Skin Types.


12 Oz bottle with pump


Product separation may occur. Shake and continue regular use!

African Black Soap + Aloe Vera Cleanser

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