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If you’ve never showered with a Sapo, this will change your shower routine! Sapo’s are quality African nylon shower nets that are used daily to cleanse, exfoliate, and rejuvenate your skin. The Sapo will remove dead skin, improve skin tone and overall skin softness.

Compared to a loofah or wash cloth, Sapo’s are superior! They are elastic and stretch making it easier to wash your back and other hard to reach areas. Due to their porous nylon material, Sapo’s dry quickly and won’t breed bacteria like other bathing tools. Our sapo’s are long in length and can be cut in half.

We import directly from Ghana, and are proud to support local vendors in West Africa.

Sapo | African Shower Net

  • Wet and apply your body wash or soap. Rub with hands until lathers. Massage all over body. Rinse and hang Sapo to air dry. Use daily or as needed.

    Best used with one of our soaps or gentle cleansers. Using with harsh products will lead to dry irritated skin.

    This product can be machine washed.

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